A day without cancer…

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I’ve always thought THE DAY without cancer was on January 13, 2016- the day after Jack’s  final treatment. I was wrong.

For a few hours today, we were cancer free…..

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As we boarded my parents houseboat, Jack and Charlie cheers of joy echoed from Lake Berryessa’s shoreline.  Before I could pull the bathing suits from the bag, both boys stood naked at the stern, eager to get in and play.

As I watched Jack and Charlie splash, I knew for the first time in many moons, my kids were being actual kids! They were free, and partaking in one of life’s most precious pastimes with a smile.  No medicine. No paranoia of other human disease or sickness. No chemo talk. No imaginary bubble. No doctors. No schedule. No worries (other than drowning and a few other miscellaneous hazards:))

I, too was able to escape all of the worrisome monotony as I watched my innocent dudes be the little mischievous turds that they are; and I smiled. We missed mom today- she’s finally taking a weekend for herself and I’m proud of her for it. I think she sees some of these moments more so than I, but she also manages the stressful medicine, doctor, and school schedule as well. Needless to say, the woman deserves a break.
Is it bad after 48 hours running daddy-daycare, I also need a weekend break? Rhetorical question. Don’t answer that. Keep in mind this is my first 3+day solo with the boys. Don’t judge me:)

We took a boat ride. Charlie reminds me (every 5 minutes), “Dad- Jack likes to go fast and hit the bumps (waves) and I like to go slow…… Dad- did you hear me… Jack likes to go fast and I like to go slow.” I’m not sure if this is his personality or Jack’s treatment that has him so timid and worried all the time. Most likely a combination of both.  Either way, I feel bad for the kid. In fact, this whole cancer thing has been most difficult on him than anyone else. He’s also three years old…. maybe one day he and I will make sense of it all.
The good news is Charlie and Jack like boat rides!

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We spent a good 1.5 hours driving around the lake (at various speeds).  Jack would run from one end of the ski boat to the other. Drool would sporadically hit me in the face as Jack couldn’t close his mouth due an abundance of smiles. Charlie sat and cheered him on.

Watching all of this go down, I felt like Mel Gibson in Braveheart. You know- the scene when he’s on his horse and motivates his fellow countrymen by saying, “You’ll never take our freedom!  FREEDOM!”

Today, we were cancer free!  Today, we had our FREEDOM!



A quick note- I think I should mention: Jack doesn’t have cancer as he is in remission.  This post is more about the effects of cancer and today’s mini escape from it.  His treatment ends in mid January, 2016. Hopefully we will be in the clear from that day forward.


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  1. cynthia reynolds
    May 31, 2015

    you never cease to amaze me GINA……i have no words, only admiration for you.


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